Waivered Prescriber Support Initiative

DHCS funded the Integrated Substance Abuse Programs at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to provide training services and technical assistance (TA) across the State of California, assisting DHCS’ efforts to improve, expand and increase access to MAT services. Activities are broken out into four objectives:

  • Develop and conduct a statewide survey among DATA 2000 waivered prescribers to determine training/technical assistance needs;
  • Interpret results and identify targeted areas of prescriber support and mentorship;
  • Build the appropriate training/TA team and develop curriculum; and
  • Provide distance and/or face-to-face training and technical assistance to increase prescriber/provider skills in delivering MAT services.

Services offered may include direct mentorship by phone or video, on-site or off-site TA (e.g., program/provider visits, prescriber shadowing), and in-person or virtual training activities related to treating patients with OUD. Free CMEs will be made available where possible.

To access more information, curriculum, and/or to request direct technical assistance, visit http://uclaisap.org/MATPrescriberSupport/.

Project Leads: