Expanding MAT in County Criminal Justice Settings

The Expanding Access to MAT in County Criminal Justice Settings Learning Collaborative is funded by the SOR grant and administered by Health Management Associates (HMA). HMA recruited teams from counties that committed to expanding access to at least two forms of MAT to persons in jails and drug courts. Each team includes 5-8 leaders from jail health care services, jail custody operation, county manager’s office, probation, drug courts, county AOD program, and others. Teams receive $25,000 each to cover costs of participation and other training/learning activities.

Over the course of 18 months (August 2018 – January 2020), teams will participate in four in-person learning collaboratives to gain deep understanding of opioid and other addictions and treatments, share best practices, learn about the many facets of continuing MAT and inducting persons with OUD on MAT in jail or through courts and probation, and develop or expand county-specific MAT programs in jails and drug courts. Teams receive monthly coaching calls and technical assistance from HMA and HMA is developing a series of webinars and podcasts on topics specific to MAT in criminal justice that are available to the teams and to the public. DHCS has also offered the teams grants of $100,000 to $300,000 to kick off new programs and capacities while sustainable local sources of funding are secured.

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