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Youth Peer Mentor Program

In 2019, Continuity Consulting (CCI) launched the Youth Peer Mentor Program (YPMP) with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) to train justice-involved youth to provide recovery support to peers and assist them with their SUD/OUD and rehabilitative challenges. For YPMP graduates, who are interested in future employment as SUD counselors, Continuity is offering them an opportunity to participate in the YPMP Counselor Development Program under the supervision of Joaquin Jordan, a Social Impact Consultant with Continuity Consulting. Mr. Jordan has impressive professional certifications (CADC II, ICADC, DOT SAP), more than 20,000 hours of counseling experience, as well as the lived experience, having had his 20+ year sentence commuted by the Governor of California. 

Under SOR 2, Continuity Consulting will expand YPMP to include transitional age youth (TAY) and other justice-involved youth throughout California. Continuity Consulting will deliver a modified program using a hybrid model of asynchronous training, video mentoring, and an interactive, online community. Working in collaboration with a network of community partners, multiple levels of learning opportunities for personal and professional development associated with SUD/OUD will be delivered.

For additional information: 

  • Watch the short video of interviews with program instructors, mentors, DJJ staff, and YPMP cohort 1 graduates. 
  • Read the article from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). 

California Conservation Corps

Continuity Consulting (CCI) is working with the California Conservation Corps (CCC) to determine activities that will address the opioid crisis through prevention, treatment and/or recovery and support the CCC District Wellness Plans Initiative.

Child Abuse Prevention Center and AmeriCorps

Continuity Consulting (CCI) is working with the Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAPC) to provide training and support that will address substance abuse / the opioid crisis and its relationship to child abuse and neglect. Initially, bringing in Dr. Corey Waller, a nationally recognized addiction expert, to speak at the AmeriCorps Partner Conference 2019/2020 on “Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma, Addiction, and the Opioid Crisis”.

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